Retro Espresso

Firsly Let's get one thing straight

Retro Espresso totally rejects the fashionable adoption of wine industry snobbery terminology commonly used by so called ‘Hipster’ coffee roasters to describe their particular signature blends, elevating them beyond the understaniding of the everyday consumer.


Coffee should be luscious and evocative, transporting you, through time, to another place where pleasurable memories are all enveloping.

Number 96 Blend is a complex and comforting as a favourite memory from your youth.

Like the Apartment Block tenants in the Iconic Australian Retro TV Drama, Number 96 Blend melds 7 beans with 7 district characteristics into a creamy luscious Espresso with a hit of rich chocolate to finish.


Since its launch 3 years ago. Retro Espresso #96 Blend has created huge interest and a devoted following among travellers and locals on the Fraser Coast in South East Queensland.

Regularly referred to as 'The Beast Coffee between Brisbane and Cairns', its has until now. Only been available through our unique specialist coffee house, Retro Espresso Tiaro, Located 259km north of Brisbane in the Fraser Coast Hinterland

The Retro Espresso Experience

An oasis on the Bruce Highway nestled in the Historic town of Tiaro, Retro Espresso Tiaro is a unique specialist premium coffee house for the weary traveller

Step through the historic entrance doors of a former 1880’s corner Bootmakers Shop and enter a time capsule of 1960’s and 1970’s retro culture.

On display are iconic original items, carefully selected by the owner to bring back the best memories of your youth and family from a privotal time in Australian history.

Our Three Espresso Outlets

Retro Espresso Tiaro

Outside, your first experience on approaching under the sprawling period awnings will be the retro inspired, recycled oil drum furniture and the intense lusicious arome of our unique coffee blend.

Inside you will find the purest example of an Italian Style Espresso Bar with selected small continental treats and a range of retro inspired retail items ranging from Fashion Jewellery to Metal Yesteryear Signs and funky Dreamfarm Kitchen Accessories.

This time capsule of 1960's iconic retro culture will lure you in with the intense luscious aroma of Retro Espresso's unique coffee blend.